Thursday, March 25

forestry commision of live music

Haven't sorted out the type for this poster for forestry commision of live music,
It's hard to make it not look like a koolkids advert
pretty happy with the look of it though at the moment

It was also fun going into seec to do the monoprint of the vinyl, it hasnt changed a bit

Wednesday, March 24

positive vibes



Next Sunday! woo!

16 bit is the man

Caddy Sketches

The Volkswagon a few weeks ago, no sketches on it now, and it also doesn't work. shit

Tuesday, March 23

Jamie Oliver Brief

Rebranding Brief for Jamie Oliver's "recipease" chain.
Basically a cook class, needed to enforce the idea of simple and easy cooking.
Not complete

The Dr Fizz Mixtape

Drfizzmix by northandsouth

Flickr Update

BCN images uploaded, here are a few still waiting to afford to get holga images developed!


Dr Fizz Mixtape

New 40 minute mix

Solo - Congoloid (Minimow Remix)
Lazy Jay - Honk My Horn
Gregor Salto - Unite (Sidney Samson Remix)
Fake Blood - Fix Your Accent
A1 Bassline - 8oh8
Kidbass - Goodgirls Love Rudeboys (Foamo Remix)
Diplo feat. Afrojack - Pon De Floor (Laidback Luke feat. Dj Auri PS Version 2009)
Jorn, Bassjackers - 16 - Sidney Samson Remix
Crookers - Put Your Hands on Me (Solo Remix)
Fugative - Supafly (A1 Bassline Remix)
Lee Mortimer & Laidback Luke - Blau
Ellie Goulding - Under the Sheets (Jeuce Rework)

and for good measure