Sunday, December 12


An experiment with creating a type using film roll.
The type was hand crafted and the shadow is real also!
Although this was un-used in a brief, i still think it was an interesting experiment

Monday, November 22

Judgement Day

Made a new tune, put some Ms Dynamite Lyrics Over the top.
Pretty happy with the outcome.

Ms Dynamite - Judgement Day (Rufio Bootleg Re-Rub, Daborn Techinical Link Up Mix)

Original Version Entitled "Distant"

Thursday, November 4


Doy sorted me out,
been trying to learn it and i made this!
its not finished, but i doubt ill have time to finish it!


Sunday, October 31

Bin Bags VIP


I need air - redlight refix
i need air -mm
mr muscle - rusko
soundboy is my target - rusko
night - benga
if u know - skream
warroirs dance - prodigy (benga)
jus coz - subscape
normalize - flux pav
screw up - subscape
hold me close - flux pav
Sniper - rob sparxx (remix)
can u show me what head is? - 16 bit
stop watching - benga
filth - skream
all day - subscape

Monday, October 25

Bin bags

finally got around to recording a vinyl mix,
definitely one way to be productive if your ill

Alix Perez - Untitled
Icicle - Anything
Kulture - Spooky
DJ Madd - Need This
Joker - Purple City
Flux Pavillion - Can't Stop
Doctor P - Sweet Shop
Skream - Wibbler
Redlight - Stupid
Rob Sparxx - Sniper
Redlight - Stupid ft Roses Gaber
Magnetic Man - I Breath Air
Skream - Simple City
Youngman ft Benga - Ho
D1 - Pitcher
Breakage ft Zarif - Over
Benga - Little Bits
Rusko ft Amber Coffman - Hold on

Burial - Etched Head plate
Burial - Be True (Commix)

Skream - Filth
Emalkay - When I Look At You
Magnetic Man - Perfect Stranger (Benga Remix)
Joker - Tron
Nero - Act Like You Know
Flux Pavillion - Hold Me Close
Breakage - Justified
Gemmy - Supligen


Monday, August 30


I spent along time on the first idea, which is trying to make tropicana a sunny tropical paradise, similar to classic miami
with neon lighting, i decided that it didn't suit the company enough. So made the lower one concentrating on keeping a heritage
on tropicana.

Monday, July 26

Learning Curve

I think its obvious that i am incredibly shit at illustrator,
so i have decided to learn it properly, it's really not the
sort of stuff i like but its clean and very presentable.

Ha, this is a very weird direction for me