Sunday, December 12


An experiment with creating a type using film roll.
The type was hand crafted and the shadow is real also!
Although this was un-used in a brief, i still think it was an interesting experiment

Monday, November 22

Judgement Day

Made a new tune, put some Ms Dynamite Lyrics Over the top.
Pretty happy with the outcome.

Ms Dynamite - Judgement Day (Rufio Bootleg Re-Rub, Daborn Techinical Link Up Mix)

Original Version Entitled "Distant"

Thursday, November 4


Doy sorted me out,
been trying to learn it and i made this!
its not finished, but i doubt ill have time to finish it!


Sunday, October 31

Bin Bags VIP


I need air - redlight refix
i need air -mm
mr muscle - rusko
soundboy is my target - rusko
night - benga
if u know - skream
warroirs dance - prodigy (benga)
jus coz - subscape
normalize - flux pav
screw up - subscape
hold me close - flux pav
Sniper - rob sparxx (remix)
can u show me what head is? - 16 bit
stop watching - benga
filth - skream
all day - subscape

Monday, October 25

Bin bags

finally got around to recording a vinyl mix,
definitely one way to be productive if your ill

Alix Perez - Untitled
Icicle - Anything
Kulture - Spooky
DJ Madd - Need This
Joker - Purple City
Flux Pavillion - Can't Stop
Doctor P - Sweet Shop
Skream - Wibbler
Redlight - Stupid
Rob Sparxx - Sniper
Redlight - Stupid ft Roses Gaber
Magnetic Man - I Breath Air
Skream - Simple City
Youngman ft Benga - Ho
D1 - Pitcher
Breakage ft Zarif - Over
Benga - Little Bits
Rusko ft Amber Coffman - Hold on

Burial - Etched Head plate
Burial - Be True (Commix)

Skream - Filth
Emalkay - When I Look At You
Magnetic Man - Perfect Stranger (Benga Remix)
Joker - Tron
Nero - Act Like You Know
Flux Pavillion - Hold Me Close
Breakage - Justified
Gemmy - Supligen


Monday, August 30


I spent along time on the first idea, which is trying to make tropicana a sunny tropical paradise, similar to classic miami
with neon lighting, i decided that it didn't suit the company enough. So made the lower one concentrating on keeping a heritage
on tropicana.

Monday, July 26

Learning Curve

I think its obvious that i am incredibly shit at illustrator,
so i have decided to learn it properly, it's really not the
sort of stuff i like but its clean and very presentable.

Ha, this is a very weird direction for me

Friday, July 23


Is seriously on form, so here's his third installment of freeizm

Sunday, July 18

Tuesday, July 6

Update, sorta

I realised today that ive been living in a world of my own for about 6 months
and ive had to catch up on real things, like debts and other financial squallier.

Among this, i bought some turntables and have been spending most of my time
creating a collection of vinyls for djying but recently more for enjoyment.
Also in this loop, my mac died, my vw died and i owe currys money apparently?

I do have stuff to post, but ive temporarily misplaced the cd i was looking for
and i have some little bits i want to scan in but i cant do that because i dont have
a computer atm.
Tough but very exciting times

So for now, a few youtubes of some classic vinyls ive picked up recently

Tuesday, June 22

Chimp Machine

Chimp Machine Mixtape June 2010

Skream - Wobble that Gut
Benga - Prodigy - Warriors Dance (Benga Remix)
Benga - Comb 60s
Breakage - Justified (ft.Erin)
Joker - Tron
Sukh Knight - Up In Smoke
16 Bit - Cobra (Original Mix)
Dave Gahan - Saw Something (Skream Remix)
Darkstar - Need You
Martyn - Mega Drive Generation
Plan B - Prayin' (Breakage Remix)

Sunday, June 13


forgot my secret love for skateboarding

big tune

Classic motown

Saturday, June 5

Fabric, this month

Fabric. 18JUNE2010

room 1 - Benga
Scratch Perverts

DJ Fresh
Andy C
Brookes Brothers
The Others
Flux Pavilion
Modified Motion
MCs Darrison, GQ & Dynamite MC

room 3 -
Exel & Moodie
Lud Dub
Ramon Judah

more info here

And a bit of Benga for good measure

Friday, June 4


This summer started with a bit of shit news, ive had to sell my vw caddy as it hadnt been MOT'd in 2 years and i cant afford to sort out that sort of damage.
So, ive been whoring public transport which was first an irritation but it gives me a chance to draw which is nice.
Ive finished uni now so it will probably be a summer of personal work and hopefully a few bits here and there.
Here is a canvas i done last week, an underneath is 3 pages from my travels. i will upload more when they are finished or something.

Big thanks to the last masterpiece, created on the way to reading by JK, James and myself

Monday, May 17


Happy its all over and summer has begun
but this has been a good term.
Here is my photographed portfolio to look through
Hopefully ill get into 3rd. x
-Brochure/Webdesign ~ FedEx
-Packaging 1 ~ Waitrose Cookies
-Packaging 2 ~ Twinings
-Poster ~ Forestry Commission of Live Music
-Group ~ Jamie Oliver (not pictured)

And a closer up selection from my FedEx brochure

Amazing song.

Sunday, May 16

Thursday, May 13

Josh's Exhibition


11th - 14th May

PRIVATE VIEW - Thursday 13TH MAY 4.00 - 5.00pm

few beers for the first people through the door....

68 St. Augustine Street,

Link Below

Tuesday, May 11

For Sale


Ran out of money, shit.
So im selling this 10x10 canvas for £20 or 20 euros.
that is including delivery as well

thanks to Mr Sale for the quick sale x

Friday, May 7

FMP Animation 2007

I stumbled across this little thing whilst cleaning my old harddrives today.
It's pretty funny, it took me ages i remember but its sketchiness makes me laugh.
An incredible difference to university briefs, ha

Music - Burial - UK

and a link to youtube if you want to view it bigger

Wednesday, May 5

Twinings TEA!

A package design brief for uni, didn't really want to do another packaging brief but it was good fun.
Its definitely too sunny to be stuck inside.
but its ok, im sat drinking strawberry nesquick. good times.

Wednesday, April 28

Where's The Bathroom?

Recorded Mix from Michael's Birthday in Reading.
Awesome evening.

Reso - Armored Core/Trolley Snatcha - Scattah
16 Bit - Jump
Flux Pavilion - Night Goes On
Jakes - Rock Tha Bells VIP
Flux Pavillion - R00R
Excision, Datsik - Swagga - Original Mix
Skism - The Blank - 16Bit Remix
Casablanca extract
Janner - Minimal 26
Nero - Innocence (Original Mix)
Burial - Etched Headplate

Friday, April 23

Fed Ex Webpage

Webpage based on the profile pack created for fedex

Thursday, April 15


i havent really gone into uni this much this week,
but i have a perfectly good reason
so much car modification its ridiculous!
with an MOT next week i needed to sort some stuff out
pictures below


Amazing weather recently in Norwich, this is a FedEx profile pack
designed for a brief at uni.

Thursday, April 8

Back to work

Amazing trip to Berlin, visited all the hotspots of history
visited some cooler areas by recommendation from Nick & Sarah and im glad they did as this was the real Berlin.

Also i'm back in Norwich now for uni so will be uploading work reguarly

here is a few snaps but you can check them all out on my facebook or flickr

p.s Click to enlarge


Saturday, April 3

A Forest

Final poster design, i think.
Off to Berlin Now, Ta Ra


for berlin tonight taking a camera and a sketchbook
pretty exciting times, i will not be returning to southend
now untill summer and im not even sure if i will
come back for that.

happy easter!

And to keep your ears happy

Thursday, March 25

forestry commision of live music

Haven't sorted out the type for this poster for forestry commision of live music,
It's hard to make it not look like a koolkids advert
pretty happy with the look of it though at the moment

It was also fun going into seec to do the monoprint of the vinyl, it hasnt changed a bit

Wednesday, March 24

positive vibes



Next Sunday! woo!

16 bit is the man

Caddy Sketches

The Volkswagon a few weeks ago, no sketches on it now, and it also doesn't work. shit

Tuesday, March 23

Jamie Oliver Brief

Rebranding Brief for Jamie Oliver's "recipease" chain.
Basically a cook class, needed to enforce the idea of simple and easy cooking.
Not complete